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About us

How Cubecoid was born.

I usually found myself getting late for work and had to shave or brush in the shower to save some time.

I hated placing my razor or brush on the shower rack or ledge because it was unhygienic. My current toothbrush holder was bulky and hard to clean. Every time I looked at the bottom of my holder, there was nasty water build-up (yuck!)

I wanted a better solution. I wanted a product that was super easy to clean and was portable.

This led to the creation of Cubecoid, a toothbrush holder with a minimal design and nano-suction that allowed it to be super portable.

Once I was done brushing my teeth in the bathroom, I stuck it in my shower to use while shaving.

We started off by making a prototype out of cardboard (see below) which then led to creating a 3D print.

With this 3D print, we were able to test our product as well as to create a Kickstarter campaign which ended up successfully raising over 300% of our funding goal.



Founder of Cubecoid