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How it works

Cubecoid Does One Thing Every Other Toothbrush Holder Can't Do...

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Nano-Suction Technology 

- Cubecoid has a nano-suction strip that consists of thousands of tiny 'suction cups'

- These 'suction' cups create a vacuum seal with the surface it attaches to

- This nano-suction strip leaves no reside or adhesive behind unlike regular tape

- Your Cubecoid can be used over and over again without losing its holding power. This is possible with the beauty of nano-suction technology. 

Ready For Use in 10 Seconds!

1. Peel the thin plastic layer from the nano-suction strip

2. Clean your mirror or the surface you are placing your Cubecoid on

3. Place your Cubecoid and drop in your toothbrush and razor

The Possibilities Are Unlimited

- Cubecoid works on most flat, dry, and smooth surfaces
such as your bathroom mirror

- Brush or shave in the shower 

- Take the Cubecoid with you when travelling