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More Information About Your Cubecoid

What is Cubecoid?

Cubecoid is a modern toothbrush holder that uses the magic of nano-suction. Your old toothbrush holder is bulky, takes up space and is hard to clean. Take a look at the bottom of your current toothbrush holder and you may see some mold build up (gross!).

We wanted to create a product that makes you stand out. Family and guests will come over and ask what that cool gadget in your washroom is!

Shave in The Shower and Brush in The Bathroom.

Mornings are tough, we all know it. Sometimes we need to do things more efficiently to save time so that we don't get late for work. 

Stick your Cubecoid outside your shower when brushing or shaving (Or both!). After you're done, peel it off and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

This is all done with the magic of nano-suction.

What is Nano-Suction?

Cubecoid's nano-suction strip has thousands of tiny 'suction cups' that when placed together, creates a strong grip on flat, dry, and non-porous surfaces. Talk about teamwork! 

It is essentially one big suction cup that has thousands of tiny suction cups within it. This is what makes Cubecoid super strong and durable!

It leaves no residue or adhesive behind unlike normal tape. 

Why is Cubecoid Better Than My Current Toothbrush Holder?

You already know that Cubecoid sucks (in a good way!) but it also serves as a unique bathroom accessory and makes a great gift!

Cubecoid's anodized finish gives your bathroom a luxurious feel while reducing the chances of cross-contamination.